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Aegis Platform System Engineering Agent (PSEA)

for Advanced Capability Builds (ACB) ( ACB 12/ ACB14 / ACB16 / ACB18 )

Aegis PSEA Overview:

For the past 40 years, the U.S. Navy and its contractors have successfully planned and executed the migration of millions of Aegis program requirements across multiple technology baselines in response to continually changing threats and technologies. This has all been accomplished in step with evolving Aegis Cruiser (CG) and Destroyer (DDG) shipbuilding and modernization programs. In recent years the pace of change for both threats and technologies has increased significantly. In aggregate this phenomenon is now outpacing the capacity of U.S. Navy’s legacy acquisition frameworks to effectively or efficiently deal with the attendant warfighting and affordability challenges. In response the U.S. Navy is evolving its combat system acquisition strategy to acquire, upgrade and maintain combat systems using; 1) open business model approaches; 2) open architecture (OA) frameworks; 3) and more comprehensive Acquisition Management Plans, Design Documents and Contracting Guidance.

The U.S. Navy’s strategic approach is dependent on the Aegis Platform Systems Engineering Agent (PSEA) to implement a confluence of industry-to-industry / industry-to government business and technical practices that are needed to provide modular, interoperable systems that adhere to open standards with published interfaces. These practices are essential elements of the PSEA responsibility that enables increased competition of alternatives for innovation, reuse of components, rapid technology insertion, and implementation of customer affordability/fleet readiness solutions that cross-cuts Aegis fleet modernization and Aegis forward-fit shipbuilding programs.

As the Prime contractor for the U.S. Navy’s Aegis PSEA, Lockheed Martin is continually seeking Industry and Small Business partners with products, tools, methods, techniques and processes that can contribute toward better value implementation of the U.S. Navy’s combat system acquisition strategy.

This website has been created to reach out to a more extensive set of potential Industry and Small Business providers in search of capabilities that can be beneficial in addressing these challenges.

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LM Point of Contact: Steven Shivick steve.j.shivick@lmco.com

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